System bet

System bet

What is a System bet?

System bets are a highly developed version of accumulator bets. The point of system bets is to place several tips when placing one bet. Using the 2 out of 3 (2/3) system bet is the easiest way to explain.


You choose games and bet on wins for Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea with the two-out-of-three system bet. So you play out all the possible pairs of accumulators the three teams can produce. That’s a total of 3 combi pairs using the 2 out of three system bets:
Bet 1: Win Liverpool (1,50), Win Arsenal (1,80)

Bet 2: Win Liverpool (1,50), Win Chelsea (2,00)

Bet 3: Win Arsenal (1,80), Win Chelsea (2,00)
In this case total stakes of 15 EUROS are equivalent to 3 pairs of accumulators at 5 EUROS per bet.

The big day produces the following results: Arsenal and Chelsea win, Liverpool draw. The result of your bets:

Bet 1: lost (Liverpool incorrect)
Bet 2: lost (Liverpool incorrect)
Bet 3: won!


A correct Tip 3 means 5 x 1.80 (Arsenal odds) x 2.00 (Chelsea odds) EURO = 18 EURO to be paid into your betting account – net winnings of 3 EUROS, although you had 2 incorrect tips. The more outcomes you bet on in the system bets, the more betting possibilities are generated. A system bet 3 out of 4 means you bet on all the possible three way accumulators produced by 4 teams – thus 4 bets. The system bet 2 out of 4 means you bet on all the possible two way accumulators produced by the four teams – thus a total of six bets.

See the number of bets per system bet in the following Table for System Bets:

Your stakes are total stakes distributed amongst the respective system bets, divided by the number of bets. Thus, total stakes of 30 EUROS in a 2 out of 4 (= 6 bets) system bet mean that you place six two way accumulators with stakes of 5 EUROS per bet. You can determine your stakes for system bets on the betting slip and also the stakes per bet.


Placing a system bet

In this example, we have chosen four different tips from the Soccer Champions League!

The different tips are displayed at “Single Bet” on the betting ticket. Right next to the different game pairs you see the tips chosen before (1, X or 2) and also the respective odds. If you would like more information, please read the “Single Bets”.
With the tips chosen in our example, the system bets 2 out of four and 3 out of four would be possible. The betting ticket displays these two possibilities automatically at “System Bets”. Also it is shown how many combination bets are contained in the respective system and the odds from all combination bets are added up.
In the case of 3 out of 4 (as you can see on the picture), that would be four combination bets with each 3 bets and altogether they would result in odds of 13,00. These odds multiplied by the stake for the entire system bet would show the possible winning, if all combination bets in the system were correct.
What is different from the normal combination bet is that system bets have two white boxes to enter an amount. In the left one you can enter the amount per combination bet and in the right one, the entire stake of the system bet is displayed. That would mean, that if you enter “10” into the left box in the system 3 out of 4, the second box automatically displays “40”, as that would mean 4 different combination bets.
The betting ticket also automatically calculates the following:

Number of bets: 4
Stake: 40

Possible winning: 520,16
By clicking on “Place Betting Ticket”, you can complete your bet after a detailed overview and another confirmation.