Codeta: Casino Games and Slots: best offer for new payers!!!!

Slots, Poker, Roulette, Black Jack… All your favorite games. Check out this great offer for new players!

If you share our love for Slots and Live Table Games, you have reached your online destination. welcomes you to a casino that offers every intricacy of the game, played to its fullest capacity. Welcome to Codeta – They know table games and your favorite slots.

The name “Codeta” was born during our founders’ travels throughout Asia in pursuit of the world’s best gambling experiences. The self-created word is unique and could be associated with “Coup d’État” – a French phrase that reflects our well-prepared coup against the industry, launching the top class digital casino honoring Table Players and the thrill of The Games.

Codeta’s take on online casinos is simple – aside from slots, free spins and bonuses, we also offer table games that bring you excitement and authenticity, as well as the chance to develop analytical skills and seeing the results of the work you put in. Casino games shouldn’t just be about throwing money at a game and hoping that some of it comes back – it can be a rewarding hobby in every aspect of the word, and that is how Codeta players like to treat it.

The unique Codeta Cash Back Offer

Automatically earn either Top-up or Cashback by making your first deposit.

Codeta will add 10% on top of your winnings, or give you 10% back on your losses during your first week with Codeta. The extra 10% will be added as cold hard cash without any wagering requirements.