“LA BOULE” Discover France most popular Table Game in the early days of the Roulette History

Strategies and betting systems for playing the boule explanation of the game

Boule has been very popular ever since it first appeared in 1923. Its great simplicity has led a number of establishments to offer it and the game has travelled abroad, too, particularly to Switzerland, Spain and Denmark. A simplified version of the legendary French Roulette, Boule allows you to bet on 9 numbers (1 to 9) rather than on 37 (0 to 36), with each number appearing twice in the wheel. Although players can only bet on one number, the fact that there are fewer numbers considerably increases the odds of winning.

Boule: One of the simplest games in the casino. “La Boule” is a casino game that used to be quite popular in France. Many casinos offered boule with low minimum bets to serve the player with the small fair, for whom the regular roulette table was too expensive. Poor Gentlemen’s Roulette.

The payout is therefore very simple. The home advantage of the casino at Boule is 11.11%. That’s the way: more than four times the number of roulette.

However, it is nice to try the ‘ Jeu de boule ‘, if you come to a French casino. It is occasionally still found in tourist resorts where the casino attracts many one-off visitors.

La Boule

Boule game rules

Boule you play on a game table that looks like a roulette table. There is a play sheet (the tableau) where you can place your bet on. And there is a large round wooden bowl, in which the croupier (the bouleur) turns a ball round.

The scale does not turn, as with roulette, but stands still, as in Golden Ten® In the scale 36 larger and smaller dimples are numbered from 1 to 9.

The 1, 3, 6 and 8 are black. The 2, 4, 7 and 9 are red.

Only the number 5 is not black or red, but yellow. At Boule, the Figure 5 fulfils the function that the Zero (The Green Zero) at roulette.

The case of the number 5

Like the zero in Roulette, the number 5 has a unique place on the layout. It is located in the middle of the other numbers and is not a part of any even money bet. If you bet on the 5 and the ball stops on that number, you win the same amount as for any other number, i.e. 7 times your initial wager. However, in this case, all of the even money bets are losers. Therefore 5 is lucky for some but dreaded by others. Give it a spin.

Boule is played with a rubber ball, which is a lot bigger than the ball at roulette.

Players place their bets on the Boule tableau, the bouleur gives the ball a swing and at a given moment says ‘ rien ne va plus ‘ NO more Bets. The ball moves crisscross through the scale and finally comes to a standstill on one number.

The betting possibilities of boule

You can bet on a separate number (square). In addition, there are the single opportunities that you also know of roulette: red/black, even/odd and manqué (1-4)/passé (6-9).

You cannot cover multiple numbers with one chip, as can be with roulette. If you put in a square and your number comes out, you win 7 times your bet. Together with your original bet you have 8 times your bet.

Because the odds are 1 in 9 that you predict the correct number, the payout percentage is 8/9 = 88,89%. The house advantage at Boule is thus 100-88,89 = 11,11%. That is high.

The single odds pay 1:1. If the 5 is falling, then losing all the single odds (the 5 also doesn’t count as odd). The same house advantage applies to the single opportunities: 11.11%.

La Boule Digital Game

Where can you find Boule games?

Outside of France boule is very rare and in French casinos the game is increasingly being offered. Given the payout percentages of this game, you don’t really have to mourn.

When you decide to play boule and other casino games as well, it is important to manage your money correctly. So, set a loss and winnings limit.

You should start playing with the money you budgeted and not one cent more. This is your maximum loss limit and it should be an amount you are not willing to lose. Do not bet big sums in the beginning otherwise you may shorten your playtime. It is advisable to bet roughly the same amount to have a constant game and to never bet a huge sum.

Otherwise you will lose everything. When you reach your loss, time or winnings limit stop playing. This is the best way to be the master of your own game.

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