Good News for online Swedish Customers medio this year 2018

The Gambling Authority from Sweden Lotteriinspektionen has said it is preparing to start receiving applications for online gaming licences from 1 July 2018.

The government is aiming to publish its draft bill including regulations by March. By the middle of March, the Swedish Gambling Authority is planning to distribute its regulations for referral with parliament expected to vote on the proposed law in May. The Swedish Gambling Authority is planning to arrange information meetings about the application process by the end of May and by July1 2018: It should be possible to send applications for licences to The Swedish Gambling Authority although the new gambling law won’t come into effect until January 2019.

The Director-General at Swedish Lotteriinspektionen, said: “Our aim is to be as transparent as possible and provide regular information about new details and conditions. Meanwhile, as a public authority we are dependent on decisions made by Sweden’s government and parliament. Nothing will be concluded before everything is concluded.

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