Lucky Roulette at ICE 2018

Aruze unveils Lucky Roulette at ICE

Japanese gaming machine manufacturer Aruze has unveiled its new Lucky Roulette wheel on the exhibition floor of ICE London this week ahead of the official product release in 2Q18.

Lucky Roulette provides an innovative take on traditional roulette, adding 3D visuals around the wheel itself to enhance the player experience.

This table is a combination of 3D projection mapping and an actual roulette wheel, so what we’re trying to do is make a typical roulette wheel much more interesting.

Aruze’s Deputy General Manager, Kevin Lee, told on ICE 2018. We know that players always look at the wheel but after a while it becomes very dull, so we’ve tried to enhance it with some animation, some colors and sound. It draws attention.

Even if you are not a roulette player, you want to look at the wheel.

Lucky Roulette will be officially launched at G2E Asia in Macau in May with Aruze looking to distribute worldwide.

“We are very confident that this product will do really well.”

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